How do I change my plan? Belong

How do I change my plan?

Changing plans is easy and you can change once per month. To request a plan change, simply sign in to your account and change your data allowance.
When changing plans (upgrading or downgrading), the new monthly charge will not take effect until the beginning of next month, which means there will be no messy pro-rata fees to worry about, we will simply change your monthly fee starting next month.

Rest assured that when upgrading your plan, you will get the benefit of additional data allowance right away. If you have been slowed, your service speeds will be restored within 48 hours of the plan change request. When downgrading, you still have your current data allowance to use until the beginning of next month when the new reduced data allowance kicks in.
After the change, your new plan will be reflected on your account by signing in to Belong or downloading our Belong app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play store.

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