How do I set up my phone? Belong

How do I set up my phone?

If you’ve taken up a Belong ADSL Bundle, received the activation SMS and want to start using your phone service, simply plug the telephone cable from your base station/handset into the filter port labelled ‘Local Phone’. This is the same filter you would have used to connect your modem to.

If you have a wireless DECT phone, you can also connect the device via WiFi to the modem by following your phone’s instruction manual.

If you’ve received an SMS from us, plugged everything in and your phone has no dial tone, please unplug all your equipment from the telephone line (e.g. phone, fax, Foxtel equipment, modem), then plug only the modem without the filter directly into a telephone socket.
If no WAN light is established on your modem, please contact us
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