How do I prepare for my HFC Appointment? Belong

How do I prepare for my HFC appointment?

We will arrange for nbn co to install your service. We’ve sent you an SMS about being present onsite on the day, so please refer to it for more information.

If you can’t be present for your nbn installer’s appointment, please arrange for someone over the age of 18 who can act on your behalf.

If you have an existing cable service (e.g. internet or pay TV), access to this service will be lost during the installation of the nbn equipment and during activation of your service. During the installation process, nbn co will install an HFC radio frequency splitter to allow your existing services to work after the installation is complete. It is the nbn co’s responsibility to make sure your existing services still work post-installation, so please get in contact with the nbn installer or with nbn co if you have any issues.
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