What do I need to consider before signing up for Belong Broadband on the NBN/NBN FTTB? Belong

What do I need to consider before signing up for Belong Broadband on the NBN/NBN FTTB?

Before you have a Belong service on the NBN connected at your place it is important to understand how you will be connected to a service on the NBN (see What is Belong on the NBN? for a basic overview).

Fibre to the Basement/Building (Qualification Message: Congratulations you can get Belong on the NBN FTTB)
If NBN Co are re-using the existing wiring in your building, an NBN Co technician will need to connect the wiring to the NBN Node in your building. You will need to work with your building manager to ensure the technician has access to the communications room where the node has been installed. Once your line is connected to the NBN Node, the NBN Co Technician will need access to your place to test the line so you need to make sure you are home.

If you have an existing phone service on your line you will lose this when we connect our service. If you would like to make phone calls, you can use Voice over IP, Skype or other similar products. If you require a fixed voice service at your place due to priority assistance, Belong is not suitable for you.

Fibre to the Premise (Qualification Message: Congratulations you can get Belong on the NBN)
If you already have your NBN Connection Box installed then you should think about the following before signing up: 

  • Do I have enough free space for my modem near my NBN Connection Box?
  • Do I have a free power point for my modem near my NBN Connection Box?
  • Do I want my modem to be installed where my NBN Connection Box is?

If you answered  ‘no’ to any of the above, whether you choose Belong or any other service provider, you will need to engage an electrician to re-wire the connection between your NBN connection box and your modem. This will allow you to connect your modem  to the NBN Connection Box, and position your modem where you want it to be.
If you already have an NBN Utility Box installed, but don't yet have an NBN Connection Box installed then you can to proceed with ordering your Belong service; we’ll work with NBN Co to organise an appointment for an NBN Co technician to come to your home to install an NBN Connection Box.
Prior to your NBN Co appointment, you should have a think about where you would like your NBN Connection Box installed. Some of the things you should consider when selecting a location include:

  • Ensure there’s a free power point within 3 metres of where the NBN Connection Box will be installed
  • Ensure the NBN Connection Box is installed as close as possible to where the modem will be located in your home
  • Ensure you’ve considered the light that the NBN Connection Box emits e.g. it may not be a good idea to install it in a bedroom
  • Ensure the NBN Connection Box is not installed outside your property, in the garage, in a wet area or in a hard to reach location.

Note a standard NBN installation only allows for 40 metres of fibre optic cable connecting the NBN Utility Box (located outside your home) to your NBN Connection Box (located inside your home).

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