What calling features does a limited phone service include? Belong

What calling features does a limited phone service include?

The limited phone service which comes with a Belong ADSL Bundle includes the following calling features:
  • Call Number Display, which allows you to see who is calling you by displaying their number on your phone.
  • Caller Line Identification, which allows others to see your number when you call them.
These features are activated automatically when you connect your limited phone service.

All other features including Silent Lines are not available with a Belong ADSL Bundle. We will put you on a No Entry Line so your name, address and phone number won’t be listed in the White Pages print, online and mobile directories, but this doesn’t provide the full range of features of a Silent Line such as blocking all call line identification and preventing identification in Directory Assistance databases. This also doesn't include Priority Assistance. Should you require a Silent Line or Priority Assistance, we recommend that you obtain a Telstra phone service and then you can join up to Belong ADSL Broadband.
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